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Product R & D personnel ¥3,000~5,500 2 2018-05-10


Post duties:

1. responsible for R & D related basic research and research and development of new products;

2. responsible for the application of new technologies, new technologies and innovations in production processes.

3. assist in the commissioning and validation of new production process pilot production.

4. participate in (assist) developing new projects and coordinating project management.

5. responsible for the formulation of R & D technology roadmap and technical plan;

6. responsible for the application of R & D results to the Ministry of biotechnology and quality control.

7. Responsible for (assisting) the daily management of R & D department.


1. pharmacy related bachelor degree or above, Chinese medicine related professional, English level four or above is preferred.

2. basic work experience (including internship experience) in research and development.

3. understand drug GMP and related pharmaceutical production and quality specification laws and regulations;

4. familiar with the workflow of QA/QC;

5. master the general method of extraction and separation of traditional Chinese medicine;

6. master the operation and analysis methods of analytical instruments such as UV, HPLC, QC and AA;

7. understand the general pharmaceutical production equipment;

8. proficient in Office office software;

9. the individual quality of hard work and easy communication.


Human resources department , Ms. Chai   0523-8629-8438   187-5248-2665  80475483@qq.com

Drug salesman Negotiable 10 2018-05-10


Post requirements

1. responsible for launching product marketing activities to promote sales growth and market share of the company's products.

Increase the rate and reach the target of sales task.

2. can independently complete the designated area's market development, sales and promotion work;

3. track and maintain the old customers and provide after-sales service for customers.

4. collect market information and solve customer's problem feedback in time.

5. have strong affinity and appeal, good language communication skills;

6. strong self-discipline, diligent and diligent.


Human resources department , Ms. Chai   0523-8629-8438   187-5248-2665   80475483@qq.com

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