XiaTianWu (powders)

XiaTianWu (powders)

【Trade Name】XiaTianWu (powders) 

【Origin】Dry tubers of Corydalis decumbens (Thunb.) Pers. 

【Description】Pale yellow to yellowish-brown, powders.

【Indications】Hemiplegia; facial paralysis; cerebral infarction; waist intervertebral disc prominent sickness; cervical

spondylopathy; shoulder periarthritis; sciatica, arthritic symptoms; cerebral apoplexy; pseudomyopia.

【Dosage and Administration】2~3g per adult orally, 3 times daily; 1~2g per child orally, 3 times daily; 

【Packages】Box containing 10 bags with 6g each.

【Storage】Store in ventilated and dry place.

【Validity】36 months.

【Executive Standards】[Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China] Part I and Part IV

【Bioactive Constituent Studies】Isoquinoline alkaloids:


【Pharmacological Studies】1. Beneficial to hypertension, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral vasospasm, and myocardial


2. Against arrhythmia; 

3. Dilating cerebral vessels, and increasing coronary blood flow;

4. Reducing the vascular resistance of the lower limb; 

5. Relaxation of smooth muscle; 

6. Inhibiting blood coagulation; 

7. Antiinflammation, and analgesia.

【Other Studies】

  1. 1. Aqueous exact studies:


2. Stability studies:


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