2017-11-06:Dr. Jingzhen Deng Invited to Make the Special Speech “Conception and R&D about Innovative TCM”
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News from China SXT: On Nov 4-5, 2017, our company COO and CSO, Dr. Jingzhen Deng, invited to attend the National R&D Key Technology Forum about Classic TCPM and Non-clinical TCM held by China Educational Association of Pharmaceutical in Changsha, Hunan and make the special speech Conception and R&D about Innovative TCM which received warm responses and wide acclaim from the experts, professors and attendants who comes from IMPLAD of CAMS, Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese MedicinePharmacy College of Nanjing University of Chinese MedicineGeneral Hospital of Tianjin Medical UniversityHunan University of Chinese Medicine, State Pharmacopoeia Committee, National New Drug Review CenterSi Mai Shi Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and so on.